Hand Trampling

Memorable trampling and crushing my hand and fingers under boots

Getting my hands stepped on is something that I learned about by accident. During the Christmas shopping season one year, I was in Walden's bookstore. I was looking at a book on a lower shelf and had sat down on the floor. One hand was on the floor and the person standing next to me stepped on it by accident. This was a new experience for me and I decided to try it again and see if it would work. I would sit on the floor and place my hand next to or behind someone's foot. I found that if they shifted their weight or changed how they were standing, they would usually step on my hand. This worked very well. A few of these were memorable experiences. Once, a woman wearing L. L. Bean Maine hunting boots stepped back and her heel just caught my little finger. She didn't notice or didn't acknowledge that she was standing on my finger. She stood on it a long time, shifting her weight from foot to foot. When she stepped off, I had the pattern of her boot tread stamped into my finger. Another, very memorable time, a guy in a leather jacket and engineer boots with Vibram lugged soles stepped on my hand with his heel. He stepped full weight on all my fingers. I think because I didn't react, he didn't step off. He shifted his weight onto the foot standing on my fingers and leaned over a whispered something to his girlfriend. She looked down and he stepped forward to pull another book off the shelf, more whispering. I didn't move my hand and he stepped back onto my fingers. She looked down again and he twisted on his heel grinding the lugged heel into my fingers. More whispering, he placed the book back on the shelf then stepped off a little down the aisle and his girlfriend stepped onto my fingers. There was more whispering and she placed her other foot on top of the one on my hand and was now standing with her full weight on my fingers. There was giggling from her and more whispering between them. She then stepped back to where she had been and he stepped onto my hand with the sole of the boot. Reaching back and forth to point at different books, he ground his lug sole hard into the back of my hand. They both moved over then, off my hand then turned back, walking away. As they walked away, they both stepped on my hand. There was laughter as they turned the corner of the aisle and walked away. I know that they both had to know what they were doing. I not only had his lugged boot prints on the back of my hand, but it took a couple of hours for them to fade. I will never forget that experience.

I also learned that at sporting events, when sitting in bleachers, if I placed my hand right at the rear edge of the bench I was on, people sitting behind me would step on my fingers when they put their feet up on my bench. I did this first by placing my hand under the boot of a woman sitting behind me when she had her feet up on my bench. The other nice thing about this situation is that when people put their feet up on the bench in front of them, they often rock their feet back and forth. This yields great pinching forces on the fingers and it feels wonderful.

Acting drunk at parties, I came up with two party tricks. The first was lying in front of sofas face up at parties like I was passed out. The only way that people could sit on the sofa would be to step on me. There was one particularly memorable experience with this. When hiking boots became the popular style, I had three women step on me in hiking boots and sit on a sofa with their hiking boots on me. One had her boots on my crotch, one had her boots on my lower chest and stomach and the third had her boots on my chest and face. They all thought this was hysterical. They sat on the sofa drinking beer with their boots on me like this for maybe an hour. My cock was as hard as a rock and it felt wonderful under the woman's boot. They also thought it was very funny when the one woman's boot left a very clear imprint of her Vibram sole on my face. They got up a couple of times to get more beer and stepped on me full weight each time one of them got up or returned with more beer. Alcohol does wonders to diminish inhibitions and enhance a perverted sense of humor.

Mat MacGregor

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